Monday, September 28, 2009

Truth Depicted

Lenin M.Sivam's feature film, 1999 portrays the gang life of Tamil Canadians in Toronto. The film displays the effects of the Sri Lankan civil war and its impact on Tamil immigrants. It explores the difficulties experienced by Tamil youth in adapting to a new country. Mr. Sivam explores the motives, emotions and vulnerabilities of each character. He discusses the choices many Tamil youth make when they are faced with challenges.

The cast and crew have done a wonderful performance in displaying the various emotions of each character. It is a film that truthfully depicts the choices of youth and the trappings of gang life. It is a must see film for people of all ages.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Raj's interview on CMR Part1 (Sorry only in Tamil)

Please listen to the 1999 music director Raj's interview on CMR with S. J. Ramprashan.


Please visit us back next week for Prat2 of the interview.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

1999 world premiering at the 2009 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF)

We are thrilled to announce that our movie has been selected by the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF). Our movie will be screened on Oct 14th and 15th in Vancouver. This will be the world premier for 1999.

You can see most of the VIFF movie listing here, including 1999:

Each year the Vancouver International Film Festival presents approximately 600 screenings of 350 films (including 220 features) from 70 countries to a devoted audience of 150,000 people, making them one of the largest film Festivals in North America and one of the largest cultural events in Canada. VIFF is among the five largest film festivals in North America

Please spread the word and tell this to as many people as possible. Khatpanalaya Production Inc. will do an official press release about this very soon. Please check our website for updates.