Saturday, November 14, 2009

Neethan Shan: A Tamil Canadian’s Appeal to fellow Tamil Canadians

Dear fellow Tamil Canadians:

I had the opportunity to watch the movie 1999 at Woodside Cinema today. The impact of the movie was so intense that I wanted to share my thoughts immediately with you, my fellow Tamil Canadians. My primary and sole purpose of going there today was to support the young Tamil Canadian artists who had worked hard on this project. But when I finished watching the movie, I couldn’t help but feel so overwhelmed with pride that finally we, Tamil Canadians, have finally made it. I could confidently say that 1999 is a milestone in the growth of Tamil cinema in Canada: the milestone we have been eagerly waiting for, for a while. After many attempts, our community has produced a pioneering masterpiece that will definitely hold a special place in the history of Tamil cinema in Canada.

The acting of the stars was natural. The storyline was real without exaggeration. The screenplay and direction were amazing and creative. The cinematography was excellent. I can go on and on with the praises for the team. Overall, the talents of our community came to the fullest potential in this movie. But it was not just the talents that made me come out of the theatre blown away. There was something more. It was the message. The message(s) in the movie was so powerful that it had the potential to change one’s life. As someone who works with youth and parents on many issues on a daily basis, I can strongly vouch that the message in this movie, illustrated in a very powerful yet subtle manner, is something every youth and parent in our community need to be exposed to. The 1999 team had worked really hard to produce this pioneering work and it is crucial for every one of us to set aside two hours of our time to go watch the movie at Woodside cinema. It helps us as much as it helps the team.

Even if you are not into movies, there is yet another reason, one that might be the most important one. We all realize that our community continues to struggle in communicating our plight effectively to others and on some instances, to our own people. We will surely need cinema as a medium to take our messages to the world. Our struggles will need to come to life through cinema, as cinema is and will continue to be the most powerful medium to shape public opinion. Through cinema, our histories need to be told to many generations to come. Therefore, we will definitely need to build a strong team within our community to make that happen. Lenin and the team involved in this project have the potential as well as the drive to take us there and make it happen! Let us support their growth now so that they can contribute to our community’s growth tomorrow.

Neethan Shanmugarajah
A Fellow Tamil Canadian

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